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2017 New Panamera

Courage Changes Everything

Our engineers have demonstrated their courage with the Panamera concept. By continually re-evaluating and reinventing. By reconciling apparent contradictions: performance and comfort, dynamics and efficiency, career and family. And by forever remaining true to our roots, with shared traits like the ignition on the left and the tachometer in the middle.




“That’s the way we’ve always done it.” Not really a sentence to inspire change. Except at Porsche. That’s because we’ve always made each new generation of engines higher-performing, more dynamic and more efficient than the last. The new engine generation of the Panamera models now takes the next significant step forwards.


The all-new twin-turbo V6 engine in the Panamera 4S is lighter and more compact than its predecessor and comes equipped with VarioCam Plus. The two turbochargers are now positioned in between the cylinder banks. This reduces the distance that the exhaust stream has to travel to reach the respective turbo – delivering a more rapid response.


The direct fuel injection in the new generation of engines is realised by a central injector inside the combustion chamber. This optimises both the mixture injection and combustion – for greater efficiency and increased power delivery.



The new Porsche Communication Management (PCM)


PCM – as a basis for Porsche Connect – is your central control unit for audio, navigation and communication. The new generation with online navigation, cell-phone preparation, audio interfaces and voice operation has a high-resolution 12-inch touchscreen display that can be used for simple control of most vehicle functions.


Widgets on the customizable home screen allow you to easily and quickly access the functions that are most important for you. A new feature in combination with the optional 4-zone climate control is an additional touchscreen display in the rear. Passengers can use this to conveniently operate the air conditioning and infotainment functions.


During a journey, you can enjoy the wide range of infotainment applications and listen to the radio or your favorite music from the CD/DVD drive, SD cards, internal 10GB hard drive (Jukebox), Aux input or USB connection for your iPod®/iPhone®, for example. The infotainment applications can be operated conveniently using the 12-inch touchscreen display, rotary pushbutton control or voice control.


With Porsche Connect and the Connect Plus module, you have access to a range of helpful services, such as real-time traffic information. Thanks to this visual aid, you can be sure that you’re on the fastest route to your destination even before you set off. Throughout the journey, the real-time traffic information is regularly updated – keeping you on the recalculated optimum route. For better familiarity with your surroundings at your destination and along the way, GOOGLE® Street View and GOOGLE® Earth provide 360° views and satellite imagery in the map view of PCM.

At, you can find further information about the apps and services available.